Penalties become more severe with each additional DUI

If you have already been penalized once for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, you probably are already familiar with how severe the penalties for a DUI charge can be. Punishment for one mistake resulting in a first-time DUI offense can include a fine up to $400, imprisonment lasting between two and 30 days, and a six-month driver’s license suspension.

Although the punishment for one DUI is already severe, DUI is a graduated offense. This means that any additional DUI convictions will be punished even more severely than you were punished for previous convictions.

Penalties for a second conviction

If you receive a second DUI conviction, you could receive a fine that is more than five times what you had for your first offense. You could be fined between $2,100 and $5,100. However, you may pay over $10,000 after assessments and surcharges are factored in. Additional penalties for a second DUI include five days to one year in prison and driver’s license suspension for a year.

Penalties for a third conviction

For a third conviction, you could be fined between $3,800 and $6,300, which could end up costing you over $13,000 with assessments and surcharges. A third conviction could also result in 60 days to three years in prison and driver’s license suspension for two years.

Additional considerations

After your third conviction, any additional offenses could result in one to five years in jail and permanent revocation of your driver’s license. Penalties for any DUI can also be more severe based on other components of your situation, including your blood alcohol concentration and any injuries or deaths you may have caused.

Every situation is unique. However, with the possibility of such severe consequences, it is important to do everything in your power to seek the best possible outcome in court after receiving any DUI charge.