Find a safe way home if you plan to consume alcohol

Any time you plan on having a night out with friends, it is important to remember that accidents and other mishaps can happen at any time. Though you never intend to get rowdy or cause trouble, you may plan to have a few drinks as you meet and catch up with friends. You may consider yourself a responsible drinker, but it is important to remember that South Carolina police officers watch out for any signs of drinking and driving.

To avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, you will want to determine your best options for finding a safe way home. Fortunately, a number of options exist for doing just that.

Considering your options

If you plan on going out for the evening, consider appointing a designated driver ahead of time. This is a tried and true method of ensuring that a sober person has the keys and can get you home safely. Of course, you have other options if no one in the friend group wants to be the only one not drinking. You can call a taxi, get picked up by a ride-share driver or even take public transportation, if possible.

If you think that you could walk home, you may want to reconsider that option. Walking after consuming alcohol can have safety risks of its own. Because your abilities are still impaired after having a few drinks, you could put yourself in danger of being hit by a vehicle or suffering injuries in another type of pedestrian accident.

Staying aware

No matter the type of transportation you choose to get home after your night out, remember to take precautions. If you call a ride-share driver to pick you up, make sure that you are getting into the right vehicle. While waiting for your ride, stay inside if possible or at least choose a well-lit area to wait that is away from the road. Always wear your seat belt when in your own vehicle and when riding in a taxi or ride-share vehicle.

Facing DUI charges

Though you may not intend to drive after drinking, you could end up in a situation where you have no other option. You may feel unsafe and need to leave the area as soon as possible, or you may truly believe that you have not had enough to drink to become impaired. However, if an officer stops your vehicle, it is possible that you could face DUI charges. If so, going over your legal rights and defense options may help you address the situation.